Magical University Pre-Recorded

I launched this six month apprenticeship certification program to a select group of people on the Lions Gate Portal, August 8, 2020…This was a POWERFUL day!

Are you wanting to expand your intuition, learn to read energy and use energy to become a professional medium, psychic or energy healer? Or maybe you would like to add more energy healing techniques to your current business?

If you are wanting to embark on a magical journey, awakening your third eye, expanding your intuition, connecting to your guides, angels and universal energy to help you, and others heal, this is the time and Magical University is the place!

This is exactly what you have been looking for.

What you will learn:

To expand your intuition

Third eye activation

Using Psychic tools like pendulums and kinesiology

How energy works in our emotional and physical well being

Read others energy, including futures

Read energy imprints

Read oracle cards

Connect to spirit guides, angels, loved ones and Universal support

Astro travel

Seeing Auras



Energy Clearings

Grounding, clearing and protecting techniques

Energy cord cuttings

Womb healing

Health Intuitive

Etheric body healing

Abundance healing

House clearing

Crystal healing

Body Scans

Color therapy healing

Sound healing

Essence oils

Past Life regression

Past life healings

Heart and Soul healing

Kundalini awakening


Inner child healing

Cell memory release

This course is closed for enrollment.