Welcome to Magical University, you lucky soul!


If you are reading this there is definitely a reason that Spirit has led you to Magical University.

Magical University is so much more than a “normal“ University. Seriously, normal is boring, right?! Realistically there is no such thing as normal which makes all of us beautiful and gifted in our very own way.

I created Magical University (ok maybe I channeled from Spirit 😍) to help people go on a magical journey of woo and spiritual beauty. To experience practicality, magic and to unleash their magic, expand their intuition but most of all to heal themselves and others.

It is amazing when we go on a self-discovery journey how much WE will open up and shift our energy. Which then ripples out into the world and helps heal others.

EVERYTHING is energy and EVERYONE works with energy every day, they just don’t realize it. Energy is VERY contagious and is creating ALL parts of our lives. Energy feeds our mind, body, spirit, health, relationships, finances, our soul, and well-being on ALL levels. 

You can and will shift energy fast after taking one of my courses, or all of them 😊.

Magical University is for those magical beings who want to learn to expand their intuition, heal, and up-level their lives.

Magical University will take you on a journey of self-discovery, universal energy, the law of attraction, manifestation, how to work with energy to have more abundance, more love, and a more fulfilled life!

Everything starts with YOU! It is YOUR birthright to THRIVE in JOY, PEACE, and ABUNDANCE or do whatever you damn well please! (as longs as it doesn’t hurt others)

Our past lives, energy cords, beliefs, stories, and soul evolvement makes up our reality in life. Our whole life experience starts the moment we are conceived in our mother’s womb.

Are you are wondering, is Magical University right for you? Check it out for yourself and see. You won't be sorry.

Magical University is an exciting online school that teaches you how to unlock the magic within you and shine that magic into the world; opening you up to healing and abundance. You will learn how to become an amazing psychic, medium and energy healer.

EVERYONE is intuitive and can use energy to heal and manifest.

This magical university is all about having mystical fun, learning how to tap into energy, and developing your intuition to the next level, so you can become the BEST PSYCHIC and ENERGY HEALING MASTER for yourself and others.

Have you been wanting to expand your intuition, learn to read energy and use energy to become a professional medium, psychic or energy healer? Or maybe you would like to add more energy healing techniques to your current business?

If you are wanting to embark on a magical journey, awakening your third eye, expanding your intuition, connecting to your guides, angels and universal energy to help you, and others heal, this is the time and Magical University is the place!

This is exactly what you have been looking for.

FREE Offerings

Here is where you will find all of my FREE offerings and magic.

Manifest ANYTHING You Want In 30 Days

Learn how to work with energy to manifest your desires into reality!

This webinar is from my popular book " Manifest ANYTHING you want in 30 days. "


Business Through Magic

Learn practical magic for a successful business!

In this previously recorded webinar you will learn how to co-create with the universe to bring your business into reality using energy and practical steps.

Hi, I’m Vickie Luna

I'm a world renowned life healer, medium, psychic and manifestation coach. It has been my joy to have helped thousands of people heal their lives and manifest a life they love, living in abundance. And I want you help you!

Magical University was a dream of mine for years. A place where people could come learn to tap into their gifts, learn to heal themselves and others. To become the manifestor of their own lives. So I built it! Magical University is still growing and evolving, I will be adding more classes and showcasing other magical beings who have wonderful gifts to share.

I follow my soul's guidance every day and teach others to do the same. Once you learn to listen your soul life begins to change and flow in ways you could never have imagined. 

Let me be your guide.